iPad Repairs Common Problems & How Much They Cost?

iPad Repairs

The repair of an iPad out of warranty is something to value when we get a new device, especially to assess services such as AppleCare +. How much does it cost to change the iPhone screen? And how much does it cost to change the iPad battery? It will depend on the model we have.

iPad Repairs

The best thing to do if you have to fix your iPad is to go to the Apple Store or an authorized technical service. They will treat your device with total care, replacing the broken parts with original ones and with an official Apple guarantee.

How much does it cost to change the iPad screen?

The screen is one of the most critical points of an iPad, it takes up the most space and is one of the most common repairs.

iPad Repairs Common Problems

Changing the iPad screen has different prices depending on the model, however, it is an expensive repair and Apple assumes it within the common repairs. It costs the same to change the broken screen of the iPad as to repair other types of problems.

How much does it cost to change the iPad battery?

The battery is an important point in the iPad, especially as it is a device that lasts for many years. Batteries degrade over time, so it will last less and less due to the battery technology itself.

How much do other iPhone repairs cost?

If your iPad has any other problem, the chassis has bent, the screen has come off, or the cameras are not working, the out-of-warranty repair service costs the same as the price we have shown above to change the screen. Apple has no distinctions in this case.

iPad mini Repairs

How much does it cost to repair an iPad with AppleCare +

AppleCare + is insurance that offers you up to two years of expert technical support and hardware coverage, including a minimum of two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months. This coverage can be contracted up to 60 days after comparing the iPad and has a price that starts at 79 euros.

This is what it will cost you to repair your iPad out of warranty officially, of course, it makes you think twice about the possibility of contracting AppleCare +. The prices for iPhone repairs are quite similar.

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