How to Fix iCloud Problems on Your Apple Devices

Fix iCloud Problems

If you are a user of the Apple ecosystem, you know how important, useful, and versatile iCloud is. The possibility of accessing all your information from any device is incredible and without having to do anything since it is automatically synchronized just by having a network connection.

Fix iCloud Problems

Although it is an incredible tool, it is by no means perfect, since it is possible that you have some flaws or problems as a user, which you possibly did not know could happen. If this happens to you, do not worry, as we will tell you how to solve the most common iCloud problems, and not die trying. So take note of all the steps that we will show you below.

How To fix the most common errors and problems with iCloud

As we have mentioned, iCloud is a fairly stable and complete cloud service that makes life easier for users of any Apple device. However, it is not without its sometimes faulty. We leave you some of the most common problems and their solution.

Can’t connect to iCloud

It is very likely that when your computer cannot connect to iCloud, it is because Apple updated its terms and conditions, so it will be necessary to read and accept them again so that in most cases, everything returns to normal.

If this is the case, simply go to “Settings> Apple ID and review the new terms and conditions, read and accept them.” Now, if the problem still persists when performing this step, then you will have to log in again. For it:

  • Go to “Settings and click on your name”.
  • Now, you must log out. You will most likely need to enter your Apple ID password.
  • In this step, choose the information you want to keep on your iPhone and confirm the process to log out.
    Once this is done, log in again and the problem should be fixed.

You need to constantly log in to iCloud

Surely iCloud you have requested log suddenly over and over again. Although it is a simple process, it is quite annoying. However, we tell you some solutions to this problem:

Common iCloud Problems on iPhone

Sign out of your Apple ID and sign in again.

  • Try updating your iCloud password to see if it fixes the problem.
  • Restart your device.
  • If the previous steps do not solve it, try as the last case to restore your factory equipment. Of course, consider making a backup copy of all your information, since everything will be deleted when performing this process.

Insufficient iCloud storage

iCloud is Apple’s own cloud storage service, so all your files will be stored there, be it photos, videos, applications, and stop counting.

In case you need to free up space, you can choose between two options. The first is to buy a higher storage capacity plan and keep saving your files as if nothing was wrong.

The second and probably the one that many users choose is to delete files and information from iCloud that are not necessary. For it:

  • Go to “Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Manage Storage”.
  • Once in this section, choose the application or game you want to delete.
  • Then go to “Delete data> Delete”.

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