Create and Edit Videos Easily Without Leaving Movistar Cloud

Movistar Cloud is one of the best alternatives to Google Photos and Amazon Photos. Free for clients of Movistar FusiĆ³n and Mobile Contract Rate, it offers unlimited storage and access from all your devices. And as we have seen before, it is used for much more than to save your photos, videos, and documents in the cloud. It also helps you organize your content. And to edit it directly from the application itself. Yes, from Movistar Cloud you can edit videos. Or rather, create videos automatically from your photos and videos. Let’s see how to edit videos without leaving the mobile app.

Free Online Video Editors

In this way, Movistar Cloud is much more than a disk in the cloud in which all your photos, songs, videos, and documents can fit. It also helps you share that content with friends and family, create a photo or video albums, and view that content everywhere. And with the editing function, you can create videos almost automatically.

Edit videos in Movistar Cloud

Having unlimited space for your videos is great. This way you can save space on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. But today we are looking for the cloud to give us more. First, organize all that space. And second, edit the content. On this occasion, edit videos without leaving Movistar Cloud.

This Movistar service has introduced a new function that allows you to create video montages in a few minutes to remember and give more life to your photos and videos. Once you have created those videos, you can share them with whoever you want from a public link. As easy as it sounds.

Create and Edit Videos

To create a new video, we must choose an album where we save photos and/or videos that we want to add to the montage. The app will take care of it. You can choose the material by hand, do without some photographs or videos … Then we give it a name or title.

To make your video look its best, you can add light filters and image effects during the video editing process. In addition, it has transitioned so that the change between photos is as animated as possible. Finally, you have at your disposal a selection of songs to form part of the soundtrack of the video.

Video albums to share

The video you create with Movistar Cloud will be part of your space in the cloud. It will be one more video. This means that you can keep it private for your exclusive use or share it with whoever you want. You can also post it on social media.

With this function, you can create and edit videos in minutes even if you have no notions of it. From a selection of photos or videos, you will instantly have a montage with effects, transitions, and music that will give a more professional touch to your photo album.

To create your own videos with Movistar Cloud you will only need to download the official applications for iPhone and Android. In addition, once the videos have been created, you will be able to see them in those same applications, in the browser, or on your television using the Movistar UHD Decoder.

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